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Our Company


RAM’s main goal is to simplify the research of original, genuine spare parts for cars and light vehicles.

Nowadays, many companies are distributing genuine spare parts Worldwide whilst trying to keep in stock as many references as possible to serve their customer as quickly as possible.
Our aim is to provide competitive prices for these companies who stock and distribute with professionalism and have a good understanding of the global market of genuine spare parts.
We distribute in 35 countries Worldwide and our staff speak 6 languages making sure the communication between us and our partners can be as efficient as possible.

 — ELISA LA TERRA, Managing Director


Cultivating long standing partnership and developing the business relationship between us and our customers is what we aim at.
With a wide range of brands and products we’ll do our absolute best to make sure your company can be served better every time.

Worldwide Sea Freight, Air Freight, Truck service always available.
Pick whatever is best for your company, we’ll sort out the rest for you.

When it’s about buying genuine spare parts, price competitiveness is one of the most important part of this business.
Check the enquiry tool on our web site to drops us your request and receive our quotations!


We are proud to ship worldwide, and very careful about the way we do it.

Genuine parts are almost always packed with efficient materials to make sure damages are reduced to a bear minimum. Nevertheless we are prepared to apply extra protection to our parts, especially when shipping delicate products such as body / crash parts and automotive Glass.